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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Instantly Populate Sales Quotes from Zoho CRM

With a tool like Zoho CRM, you can easily manage your entire sales cycle from a single interface, leading to improved efficiencies and closing more deals.  Another way you can improve your sales process is to use WebMerge to automatically populate documents like proposals, contracts, quotes, and more.

In this example, we’re going to show you how to automatically populate sales quotes from data in Zoho CRM then we’ll email the quote directly to our customer for their review.

To get started, we’re going to set up the template for our quote using a Word document.  Inside Word, we’re going to add our repeating information like our logo, contact information, and details of our company.  For the spots that we want to insert our deal/customer info, we’re going to use merge fields that look like {$FirstName}, {$Address}, {$Amount}, etc.

Here’s what our quote template looks like:

Once we have our template finished, we need to upload it to WebMerge.  From the Documents page in WebMerge, click the New Document button and enter a name.  On the next step, select Office Document as the document type and then pick the file from your computer.

After you upload your quote template, you’ll be taken to the Settings tab where you can modify various options like the type of file that is generated and the name of the file.  For this example, we’re going to use the name of our deal in the file name and we’re going to generate a PDF.

Next, we’re going to set up the email delivery for our document so that the quote is automatically emailed directly to our customer.  Under the Deliver tab, we’re going to Edit the default email delivery.  For the To address, we’re going to choose the email merge field for our customer’s email address.  If you don’t have a merge field in your document, you can choose <<Other>> from the drop-down then enter something like {$Email} in the box.

Feel free to edit any of the other email settings.  Here’s what our email delivery looks like:

Once we have saved our email delivery, we are done with the setup process in WebMerge and we’re ready to integrate with Zoho CRM.  If you haven’t already, please make sure to install the WebMerge plugin from the Zoho Marketplace.

Inside Zoho, we’re going to go to the WebMerge Mappings module and we’re going to create a New Mapping.  After you give the mapping a name, we’re going to choose the Module we want to use (Potentials), then we’re going to choose the WebMerge Document we want to merge.

Next, we’re going to match up the merge fields in our document with the fields from our CRM.  This tells Zoho how to send the data over to WebMerge so that it’s populated in the correct spot on your template.

Once you have matched up all of your merge fields, go ahead and save your mapping.  We’re ready for a test!  Open up one of your Potentials and then click the WebMerge button (it might be under the “…” drop-down).  This will generate the quote and email it out!

Here’s what our quote looked like ready for the customer:

Congrats, you’re all finished!  You can now instantly generate all kinds of documents from your Zoho CRM data.  Can you think of any other ways you can use WebMerge to simplify your paperwork process?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

What makes Zoho Mail so great to disrupt a 22 million user market?

Zoho Mail is a familiar hosting emails interface for businesses. Over time it has gain traction according to google trends based on the searches people around the world do.
While India is an obvious country to show up on the Interest by region it has grown more rapidly in other countries such as Colombia in Latinamerica and is quickly growing the share of use.
At this point, i was intrigued and had to dig deeper to find out how Zoho mail was doing vs the market dominant email hosting for businesses provider Microsoft outlook. Outlook trend does not look good at all in Colombia for Mr softy and Zoho Mail is gaining traction traction traction. So the obvious question now is What makes Zoho Mail so great to disrupt a 22 million user market like Colombia?

What makes Zoho Mail so great?

Ad-Free, Clean, Fast Interface.

There are no ads displayed in Zoho Mail's webmail interface, ever. Not even in our free plans. This means total respect for user privacy as your messages are not scanned for keywords to feed you ads. However, freedom from annoying ads is not the stand out feature in Zoho Mail. It's the wide range of options to organize and categorize your messages. This includes familiar items like folders and labels, flags, automatic filters, as well as one-of-a-kind capabilities, like the thread nesting style conversation view.

Feature Packed for Business & Professional Use

Zoho Mail's webmail interface has been designed to break the notion that only desktop email clients can provide the power features favored by business users. Your users will find the familiar functionality of desktop email blended perfectly with the convenience and flexibility of browser-based access. This means you get the best of both worlds.

Go Beyond Email. Take Your Office Online

Gone are the days of software installations and upgrades. Take your office to the cloud. Zoho Mail comes bundled with Zoho Docs, a comprehensive online office and document management suite that runs from within a web browser. Your users can create, edit and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets and presentations; online. Along with integrated calendar, tasks, notes and contacts modules, Zoho Mail provides the best tools to improve productivity and efficiency.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

The biggest advantage of email hosted on the cloud is that you get to access your messages on the move. Be it through your mobile, laptop or desktop, as long as there is an internet connection - present almost anywhere, anytime these days - keep your email exchanges and communications flowing.

Extensive Control Panel

Your IT administrators will find it a breeze to set up and manage emailing for your business with the extensive control panel interface. Representing the entire back end of your email hosting account, administrators can easily control individual user mailbox quota and privileges, email policies, group email accounts and other such aspects from within this centralized control center.

Free, Expert Aided Migration Options 

The task of migrating from your existing email solution is simple without laborious setup, loss of time, or loss of productivity. A self-service migration module is a few clicks away in the control panel. Lightweight software tools are available for Exchange server and Outlook PST migrations. Our support experts will coordinate with you throughout the process to ensure your switch is smooth. And to top it all up, we do not charge extra for migration assistance.

Email & CRM Integration 

Businesses of all sizes are doing the smart thing of setting up a CRM application for their sales and marketing teams, enabling them to work more efficiently. At the same time, habits die hard and people still rely on good old email for communicating with clients, prospects, and customers. What do you do? If you made the wise decision of choosing Zoho CRM for your business, you'll be amazed by the contextual gadgets feature in Zoho Mail. It's like having CRM inside your email.
There is no magic to such traction. Explosive growth is an art with very specific steps to follow. If you are interested in learning more about explosive growth? Check out Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth If you are a Zoho Mail user? We would love to hear your feedback and help you with any Zoho questions you may have.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

20 Epic Ways to Automate Documentation with Zapier

As consumer demands become more unique and varied, in order to keep up with big businesses, small businesses must change their back-end operations. With the accessibility and affordability of automated software solutions, this demand is not only possible, but it also saves time and money for small business owners.
Where do you start? That’s easy! Zapier and WebMerge.
Zapier provides businesses with the ability to sync any application they want. Based on the uniqueness of your operations, you could use Zapier to share new Tweets on Slack, send RSS feeds to Buffer, and more. With Zapier and WebMerge’s powers combined, you can automate your documentation process and eventually… rule the world!
Here are 20 ways you can use Zapier and WebMerge to automate your business:
  1. Create and Sign Real Estate Contracts with CudaSign
    Real Estate agents are always on the go.  From meeting with new clients, running around town showing homes, to closings, real estate agents are rarely in the office. Here’s how you can create quick contracts and save some energy.
  2. Create Contracts and Agreements from Nutshell CRM
    Managing your contacts, leads, and opportunities can be a daunting task, but with choosing the right CRM can be a life saver.  Nutshell is a great CRM and in combination with WebMerge you can save your sales team countless hours.  In this example we’re going to show you how you can create a contract from a lead in Nutshell and automatically send it to your customer.
  3. Generate Contracts from Opportunities in TrackVia
    Managing your workflow can be a daunting task, but with tools like TrackVia, you can keep track of everything from start to finish – all within a single platform.  From managing a projects to collecting data in the field, TrackVia is a great solution.
  4. Send a Letter of Engagement from Clio
    Document generation in the legal world is a must-have.  By auto-populating letters, contracts, and other types of legal documents, attorneys and paralegals can save countless hours.  Another way lawyers can save time (and their sanity) is by using a practice management system like Clio.
  5. Populate a PDF Receipt from a Formidable Order Form
    Formidable is a popular Wordpress form plugin for creating contact forms, order forms, registration forms and many more types of web forms.  But what if you want to take that information collected on the form and populate a Word document or PDF?  Your options are very limited.  Unless you haveWebMerge, of course!
  6. Send an Order Invoice from Smartsheet
    Smartsheet is a pretty cool tool that allows you to easily collect data from customers and team members, plus offering an easy platform to manage that information.  It’s like Excel, but on steroids.  In this example, we’re going to show you how to send an invoice created with WebMerge directly from Smartsheet as a new order is entered into our sheet.
  7. Create and Send an NDA from Zoho CRM
    Keeping track of all your customer information can be difficult, but getting data out of your CRM can be an even bigger hassle.  Most often you end up re-typing information into other systems, documents, etc.  With Zoho CRM you can easily capture your leads, plus manage your customers, partners, and opportunities.
  8. Send Customized Invoices for Magento Orders
    Let’s face it – e-commerce is here to stay and is an important part of any business.  Today there are many services out there that can help you build and maintain an online store front without the need of expensive coding or customization.  One of the most popular services is called Magento and they offer a product that can fit your every need.
  9. Send Welcome Letters to Hubspot Form Leads
    You’ve jumped into the world of HubSpot marketing and sales tools, collecting all of this data on your website visitors, leads, and customers.  But, you don’t have an easy way to populate documents (letters, contracts, offers, etc) from that customer data.  Until now!  With the help of WebMerge (via Zapier) you can take your HubSpot data and populate documents on the fly.
  10. Create PDFs and Reports from Knack
    If you’re looking for an easy way to build an online database application without the need for programming, you need to check out Knack.  With Knack you can get rid of those clunky spreadsheets and build easy to use web applications such as a custom CRM, proposal tracker, order management, and more.  Knack allows you to build some pretty powerful apps and we’re going to show you how you can easily generate documents directly from Knack using WebMerge.
  11. Create Service Contracts from Batchbook
    If you’re looking for a great CRM to help you with organization and productivity, then we suggest you take a close look at Batchbook.  With Batchbook you can track your contacts, manage your deals, maintain your communication with customers, and more.  Let's take it one step further and generate documents from Batchbook using WebMerge.
  12. Create and Send Contracts from Solve CRM
    In today’s competitive landscape for the CRM space, it’s tough for services to stick out from the rest.  You have to fit the needs of specific verticals or use-cases and do that really well.  In the case of Solve CRM, they have wisely picked a deep integration with Google for Work and all the apps that come along with it.  From Calendar syncing, to Gmail integration, to managing Google Drive files, Solve integrates seamlessly.
  13. Create and Manage HR Documents from ZOHO Creator
    Managing your HR processes can be a daunting task.  From collecting new employee information, tracking time off, and handling payroll, there is a lot to keep track of and a lot of documentation to go along with it.  No sweat!  There’s a great tool called ZOHO Creator and you can build a customized HR app that allows you to manage all of your HR data across your entire business.  Then, combined with WebMerge you can generate employee contracts, insurance applications, state forms, and more.
  14. Create Custom Invoices and Letters from Harvest
    Managing projects, finances, timesheets, and deliverables can be a job in itself, but with Harvest you can make life a whole lot easier.  Harvest can track all your expenses throughout a project and make it easy to bill your customers when the project is complete.  Sounds great, right?  Well, we agree, but what if you want to customize the invoices or send letters to your new customers?  Your options are limited.
  15. Create and Send a Custom Payment Receipt from Freshbooks
    Freshbooks is one of the leading accounting solutions on the market and they do a great job of helping your manage your invoices, time, and expenses.  You can keep track of all of your customers and send invoices in minutes.  But what if you want to create a customized invoice or send a receipt to your customer when you receive payment?  Your options are very limited.
  16. Send Customized Payment Receipts from PayPal
    PayPal is a great way to get paid for things online without the hassle of gateway fees, setup charges, or merchant accounts.  You can easily integrate PayPal into your shopping cart, website, or registration processes.  However, your options are limited if you want to customize the receipt that a customer receives when they pay your through PayPal.
  17. Create Customized Invoices from Xero
    Managing your small business has never been easier than with Xero accounting software.  From your billing to payroll to contact management, Xero has got you covered and will save you hours upon hours every month.  Xero has a built in feature to send invoices to your customers and it will show you when they have viewed the invoice, but customization is limited.
  18. Create Customer Receipts from Stripe Charges
    Let’s face it, Stripe is awesome at making payments easy.  You can integrate with their API in a matter of minutes and collecting money instantly.  The best part is that you don’t have any monthly fees to worry about.  You only pay when you get paid.  The only downside to Stripe is that it is hard to send customized notifications to your customer about their payment.  Unless you’re the developer behind the Stripe integration, your options are limited.
  19. Email Personalized Receipts for Braintree Payments
    Accepting payments online is a great way to streamline your business and offer your customers an easy way to pay you. With Braintree you can easily integrate your payment process into your website, app, or shopping carts.  With just a few lines of code you can start accepting payments.  Unfortunately, sending customized receipts is not quite that easy.  Your hands are pretty tied if you want to customize the receipt.
  20. Upload a TypeForm Medical Patient Intake Form to Box
    Have you ever thought filling out forms is a pain in the neck? TypeForm makes the experience of filling out forms fluid and fun. At the doctor’s office, filling out an intake form is often the first experience the patient has upon arriving for his or her appointment. If you have a medical practice, then you might be interested in improving your intake process. With TypeForm, in conjunction with WebMerge, you can merge the form submissions with a template document and automatically file them in your digital document storage system and/or as easily print them out as hard copies.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Need to Adjust Pricing based on Qty in Zoho CRM Quotes Module

Zoho CRM is one of the most powerful CRM platforms in the market. A common process used by maverick entrepreneurs is the creation of Quotes under each Contact or Account as part of the Potential opportunity stage cycle.

Each Quote allows you to add multiple products so your Client can get an estimate on the cost with a very granular description of all the pricing and components of your product or service. However, when you manage multiple products with a different price tree structure the complexity can easily become a hassle to handle when different Qty´s have multiple prices.
With the use of a simple custom function integration and the Price Books module in Zoho CRM you can incorporate an update task workflow and trigger automated price updates to the Quotes Modules based on the Qty entered into the item row.

There is a catch! Prices will not update instantly on the Edit view, but will reflect the modification once the page is updated. Therefore, if your pricing structure is a complex maze of prices for different Quantities you are better off letting an automatic script handle your pricing calculations.

You can find the script needed to create the custom function in our Zoho Library or if you prefer we can set it up for you directly.  Visit our Zoho Services page to find the integration needed.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration

Woocommerce Zoho CRM integration is a plugin which is built on top of Woocommerce help easily synchronize Woocommerce customers and orders with lead and account and contact of Zoho CRM.


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Fields Mapping for Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration 

Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration report

Woocommerce Zoho CRM Integration supports Woocommerce 2.2.x version.

Road map

  1. Synchronize Product of Woocommerce to Product in Zoho CRM
  2. Synchronize Order of Woocommerce to Order in Zoho CRM
  3. Extend Rest api of Woocommerce for bi-direction synchronization
If you have want the further features that is not supported in current version, do not hesitate to contact us.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Plugin: Send Contracts for Closed Potentials in Zoho CRM

We're excited to announce that we have partnered up with Zoho CRM to provide a direct integration to WebMerge.  With the WebMerge plugin, available in the Zoho Marketplace, you can generate documents (invoices, contracts, quotes, etc) with the click of a button right inside Zoho CRM!  You’ll never have to copy & paste data from Zoho into documents again!

For this example, we’re going to show you how you can generate contracts for a Potential that has been closed/won in Zoho CRM.  We’ll also be sending the contract over to DocuSign for signature.  Zoho CRM has released a new plugin that we’ll be using to send data over to WebMerge – more on that in a bit.

To get started, we’re going to setup the template for our contract using a Word document.  Inside our contract template, we’ll add our boilerplate contract info and then for the spots that we want our customer and potential data to go, we’re going to use merge fields that looks like {$FirstName}, {$Amount}, etc.

Here’s what our contract template looks like:

Since we’ll be collecting a signature for the contract using DocuSign, we need to add a signature tag to the doc so that DocuSign knows where to place the signature.  This signature tag is just like any other text in our document and looks like:   \s1\

Once we have our contract template finished, we need to upload it to WebMerge.  From the Documents page in WebMerge, click the New Document button and enter a name for your document.  On the next step, pick Office Document as the document type and select the file from your computer.

After we upload our template, we’ll be taken to the Settings tab where we can change various settings like the type of file that we want to generate and the name of the file.  For this example, we’re going to generate a PDF and include the name of the deal in the file name.

Next, we’re going to setup the delivery of our document so that it is automatically sent over to DocuSign for signature.  From the Deliver page, click the New Delivery button and select DocuSign from the list.  After you authenticate your DocuSign account, you’ll need to pick the merge fields for the signer’s name and email address.

After you have setup the DocuSign delivery, we are done with the setup in WebMerge and we’re ready to integrate with Zoho CRM.

To integrate with Zoho CRM, we’re going to use the WebMerge plugin that is available from Zoho Marketplace.  You can install this plugin here:

Inside Zoho CRM, to go the WebMerge Mappings module and create a New Mapping.  Give the mapping a descriptive name and then pick Potential as the module.  We’re going to choose Document as the WebMerge Resource and then choose the document that we just steup in WebMerge.

Once you pick your WebMerge document, Zoho will load a list of all the merge fields that are in your document.  For each of the merge fields, you need to pick the corresponding CRM fields.  This tells Zoho how to send your data over to WebMerge so that it gets populated in the correct spot on your template.

After you have matched up all of your merge fields, go ahead and save the mapping.  We’re ready to generate the contract!  Open up one of your Potentials and then click the WebMerge button.  This will generate the contact and send it over to DocuSign for signature.

Here’s what our contract looked like ready to sign:

Congrats, you’re all finished!  You can now generate all types of documents from your Zoho CRM account.  Can you think of any other ways that you could use WebMerge to simplify your paperwork process?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Zoho integration for Python and Plone CMS

Zoho is an internet application company competing with Google Apps, Microsoft workplace and others.
Zoho provides a extremely extensive set of browser based functions from textual content modifying and spreadsheets to assignment management and consumer relationship management (highlighted items should still ring a bell for small application building agencies). principally the final one, CRM, is a extremely beautiful deal as you get a hosted complex CRM utility with API functions for extremely reasonably-priced or free fee. Small agencies don't seem to be always wealthy enough to head for Salesforce API supported edition which would be 135 € / month / consumer.
mfabrik has been working on Zoho Python bindings as we use Zoho internally.
Zoho API is HTTP GET/publish based mostly.

  • Authentication, which is referred to as a ticket in Zoho language, is HTTP publish with custom undeniable-textual content responses. The same authentication mechanism works in-browser (Javascript) and for laptop-to-computer verbal exchange as far as i do know
  • Most features can also be performed as HTTP put up or GET. in case you should input compex records (like CRM leads), you’ll do it as HTTP submit of customized XML payload
  • Some services expose the output as JSON for HTTP GET, in order that it will also be without delay consumed internal browser Javascript

  • mfabrik.zoho is a GPL’ed Python library which provides primary amenities for Zoho API calls. presently the characteristic set is awfully CRM weighted, even though it can be conveniently increased for different Zoho purposes.
    mfabrik.plonezohointegration is a Plone CMS add-on product which marry Plone and Zoho together. The add-on offers a manage panel the place that you would be able to enter Zoho API key details for Plone. forms for CRM lead era are supplied as standalone and as a portlet (you could see them in motion on our web and blog site).
    The supply is hosted on Github, so that you can with no trouble beginning tailoring it in your own firm needs. I happily settle for all merge requests, proposing that unit checks for new aspects are included. in case you don't think at ease with Python programming, but nevertheless wish to integrate Zoho to your systems, please contact us for extra help or check current API integrations.

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    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    Zoho CRM, The Rise of a SaaS power house

    There is nothing more impactful than well represented data on a trend chart, but below is whats going on around 3 major SaaS power houses.

    Zoho CRM 2016 is now available. Zoho unveiled the new edition of its Zoho CRM. The greatest liberate ever brings multichannel sales, a manufacturer-new e-mail client for salespeople, a marketplace developers can join with end users, and different points. Multichannel guide for cell, email, are living chat, social media, and in-grownup conferences will let your crew make the most of each interaction at a moment’s word. the new gamification layer Gamescope makes it possible for to installation peer-to-peer contests for your teams and make selling fun. that you could use badges and trophies to reward top-rated practices and keep your crew influenced and notice who your true performers are and who could use some extra teaching with insights from advanced CRM Analytics. Zoho marketplace offers extensions from essential SaaS companies, including MailChimpSurveyMonkeyZendesk, Eventbrite, field, DocuSign, SignEasy, Webmerge and SMS-Magic.

    Microsoft to merge CRM and ERP into integrated cloud platform Dynamics 365. Microsoft introduced its intention to mix the Dynamics CRM and ERP items into an integrated platform Dynamics 365 on right of which it's hoping third events will construct functions. it will also have deep connections with the cloud workplace suite, as well as to Cortana voice intelligence and PowerBI records visualization. so as to break down this rather complex gadget into greater manageable chunks, the enterprise is providing discrete purposes on precise of the platform together with specific apps for finance, container service, earnings, operations, advertising, mission provider automation and client provider. additionally, the business introduced it’s launching the mandatory app keep it’s calling Microsoft AppSource where developers can build and distribute their personal apps, giving them a complete solution. The shop will open with over 200 apps developed by early adopters.
    MS Dynamics CRM replace objectives IoT . Microsoft released the Spring 2016 Wave replace of its Dynamics CRM. This new edition of Dynamics CRM is a core factor of Microsoft's digital transformation method. With it the enterprise is enabling new personalised, proactive and predictive client experiences. The update comes with a nod to the cyber web of things (IoT) with the disclosing of linked field carrier, a preview offering that provides out-of-the-field IoT to box service capabilities. It presents organisations the ability to computer screen any IoT-related gadget, pin-down anomalies and generate alerts that set off automatic responses to the perceived problem, or chance. Availability and proximity of carrier technicians with the appropriate skills and equipment are then matched towards the carrier requirement and routed to consumer areas to take preventive motion.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 - probably the most complete improve ever. Microsoft is billing the next unencumber of its Dynamics CRM 2016 (coming in q4) because the most comprehensive improve ever. The product has been absolutely redesigned, with the on-prem and cloud types receiving predominant enhancements. The newest edition contains 4 leading areas that Microsoft needs to emphasize during this liberate together with productiveness, mobility, intelligence and client carrier. nowadays’s announcement also blanketed CRM for Outlook, which provides direct integration with the Microsoft e-mail platform, where many revenue people tend to reside during the day. It’s value noting that while here is a tremendous unlock announcement, the enterprise has been making ongoing updates to the cloud version of the product. This announcement is with no trouble the end result of that work, whereas the on-prem clients can be seeing these updates for the first time.
    Zoho CRM is now free for 10 clients. so as to have fun 10 years from the launch of Zoho CRM and double-down its commitment to small corporations, Zoho announced free Zoho CRM for up to 10 users. Of course they continue offering different variations, including Zoho CRMPlus, for these whose company needs have advanced. The Free10 plan contains leads, bills, contacts, earnings alternatives, internet types; workflow rule to automate sales observe-ups; documents module to share earnings collateral with crew; person permissions via roles and profiles. that you may seamlessly combine Zoho CRM with different Zoho business apps, like Campaigns, support, SalesIQSurvey, initiatives, stories, Google Apps and other third-birthday party capabilities.
    Zoho CRM provides Google AdWords integration, website and social media analytics. Zoho introduced the greatest CRM replace ever - Zoho CRM Plus. It enables to connect your Google AdWords account to Zoho CRM account so all your information-pushed insights are in one location. for this reason you’ll be capable of shut the loop between your online spending and your offline conversions. yet another new function - Zoho SalesIQ gives precise-time web site tourist intelligence for earnings and advertising groups, enabling them to interact guests, qualify and get them into the income funnel. in contrast to usual web site analytics that focal point on combination visitor facts, Zoho SalesIQ provides intelligence on the individual tourist degree. And the third new characteristic - Zoho Social - provides actionable insights for entrepreneurs and groups who wish to boost their social media engagement with more desirable content material, true-time monitoring and superior analytics. Zoho CRM Plus is obtainable for $50 per user monthly.
    Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator cell apps develop into free for all purchasers. Zoho developers say that they have got reached 1,000,000 downloads for cell Zoho apps (iOS and Android) and this quantity is all of a sudden increasing. in order that they determined to make the Zoho CRM and Zoho Creator cellular apps free for all shoppers, on any version. Which capability, you now have finished functionality (examine and write access) to the cellular apps, regardless of the version. Zoho's online CRM is free for 3 users and makes it possible for to control your revenue, marketing, customer help, and stock in a single gadget. Zoho Creator is an online visual database app builder that makes it extremely easy for enterprise users to build their own customized apps. other Zoho's apps like Zoho Vault, Zoho Mail and Zoho Campaigns have their cellular apps free as neatly.
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides social media advertising elements. Microsoft introduced new capabilities in marketing, client care and social listening for Dynamics CRM. This new releases are integrated with Microsoft office 365, Yammer, Lync, Skype, SharePoint and vigor BI for office 365.  Microsoft Social Listening contains the ability to tap into social conversations to get true-time feedback on manufacturer, products, competitors, campaigns and concerns that might possibly be central to business. How does Microsoft's play into advertising and marketing examine with any other massive fish? To place itself, Microsoft bought MarketingPilot in October 2012. remaining 12 months, Oracle bought Responsys, Salesforce obtained ExactTarget and Adobe's big get became Neolane.
    How Zoho became "assisting" Salesforce clients. closing week the greatest IT conference Dreamforce took vicinity and as commonplace for these big supplier events, it failed to escape some humorous advertising tricks. opponents are all the time making an attempt to power customers from a company that owns a convention (during this case, Salesforce) and invent long-established ideas. as an example, that is how Microsoft tried to destroy Salesforce convention and Salesforce picketed Oracle conference. at this time, became Zoho's turn. though Zoho's CEO, Sridhar Vhembe, has the own offense with Marc Benioff, he failed to are trying to troll Salesforce at its event. as an alternative, he ordered to aid Salesforce users. in any case, they ought to pay huge funds month-to-month for CRM-system and even a ticket to the convention costs $1,000 . So Zoho gave Salesforce clients free pedicab rides to anything their vacation spot turned into – their subsequent session, celebration or their inn. It turned into whatever thing like free Zoho CRM verify force.
    Zoho launched contact manager with Pay-What-You-desire pricing. Of direction, (the champion-developer of SaaS features) Zoho already offered CRM gadget - Zoho CRM. but you be aware of Zoho, they packed the CRM with all features that will also be constructed into CRM. In result the app has become too cumbersome and expensive (from $12/month/consumer) for small businesses, which want most effective a simple client database. it truly is why Zoho decided to create an easy contact supervisor and called it ... Zoho ContactManager. It points customer base, notes, initiatives and offers. if you use Zoho Mail or Google Apps Mail that you would be able to view the historical past of email-correspondence with the aid of each and every client. And it has a mini-social community to speak within your business. All here's available now not best in browser, however additionally on the iPhone / Android. besides, Zoho has invented a brand new pricing scheme - Pay What You need. you're free to enter any fee you're going to pay for each and every user per month. despite the fact, this fee may still be greater than $1.
    Zoho Survey - app for growing customet surveys. pushed by way of the hot advertising app market Zoho has released another device for entrepreneurs - Zoho Survey. it be a provider to be able to assist you comfortably create skilled surveys, distribute them to your shoppers anyplace they're and analyze their responses. which you can use one of the crucial templates, insert your emblem, add diversity of container types (text, checkboxes, radiobuttons, comboboxes), and even automation scripts (as an instance, the subsequent field appears counting on the outdated choice). types created in Zoho Survey work neatly in mobile browsers. they can also be published on facebook page and inserted in emails in MailChimp and Zoho Campaigns. The survey results are represented in eye-catching experiences or in Zoho Sheet tables. The free edition allows for to create unlimited variety of surveys, but with problem in the number of questions (up to 15) and number of responces (up to a hundred and fifty per survey).
    Zoho CEO: Salesforce acquires, acquires, acquires, whereas we build, build, construct. the previous day, Salesforce agreed to pay $2.5 billion for ExactTarget, and naturally, Zoho chief, Sridhar Vembu, couldn't silently move this experience. 5 years ago Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tried to purchase Zoho, and being refused, banned them on platform. So Sridhar loves to troll Mark, and yesterday he turned into on a roll. listed here are the most entertaining costs from his speech:
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM online provides iPad, Yammer assist. recently Terrasoft launched cell (iOS and Android) apps for its BPMonline CRM, and may be it remembered to Microsoft that the clients of its CRM device additionally wish to have a normal mobile access to client statistics. Microsoft promised to free up the cell customer for Microsoft Dynamics CRM back in might also 2012, then at the conclusion of the closing yr, then via February 2013. or not it's now March and Microsoft has really launched whatever. but it surely's not a full-fledged cellular app, however just an internet interface for the iPad browser, which of route, can not work offline and has many boundaries. When the typical cell CRM app will seem? Microsoft promises "in the first half of this yr."
    Vibe - social layer for MS Dynamics CRM. Microsoft's own business Twitter clone known as OfficeTalk is rumored to appear quickly. but rumors are rumors, and in the meantime MS Dynamics CRM clients seem to be with envy at Salesforce users who've the free Chatter. youngsters, now they also get an choice. Sonoma partners (Microsoft's implementation companion) nowadays introduced the supply of the free (community) version of Vibe - the social network for MS Dynamics CRM. Vibe, like most similar options is according to microblogs which are created either via clients or instantly by using the system when some adventure happens (as an instance, new order is entered). clients can subscribe to pastime feeds of their colleagues, work-organizations, certain subject and gadget signals with a view to keep abreast of every little thing it's happening and collaborate on initiatives.
    MS Dynamics CRM online is attainable globally. likely it be the primary time in Microsoft's heritage, when SaaS edition of a product appears before the in-condo version. the previous day the business launched the SaaS edition of its CRM equipment Microsoft Dynamics CRM online 2011. The in-apartment version will appear most effective on February 28 (it turned out that it wants greater trying out). however most importantly, SaaS version, which untill now changed into accessible only within the U.S. and Canada, has been translated into 40 languages and is now available in 40 international locations. : Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, and the us.
    Salesforce Microsoft
    Benioff gives a advertising and marketing master class to Microsoft. Microsoft advertising and marketing americans could not get adequate of their cool advertising thought. at streetlevel close the convention center, the place the Salesforce's Dreamforce convention takes location, they ship their americans on segways with banners (on photograph). The banner shows a dissapointed man, who has moved from Saleforce to MS Dynamics CRM on-line. under his photograph there's a strapline: "I didn't get pressured". but Microsoft marketers did not recognize whom they're coping with... in the starting of the 2d coference day Mark Benioff, Salesforce CEO, entered the stage...
    Salesforce Microsoft
    Microsoft sues SaaS business in hazard. This week, Microsoft filed a lawsuit towards Salesforce, blaming the SaaS company in violating 9 patents. These patents are not about CRM performance (it might be abnormal, as a result of Salesforce CRM looked sooner than Microsoft CRM turned into developed), but about fundamental software technologies. for instance, right here is the expertise of showing net-page with embedded menu: "A request for an internet web page is obtained from an internet browser according to the request, a web page and an applet associated with the net web page are packaged for transmission to the net browser. The internet web page and the applet are then transmitted to and downloaded by using the internet browser. When the web page is displayed and the applet is performed via the internet browser, the applet creates and manages an embedded menu in the displayed web page under control of the applet . This embedded menu provides a user of the net browser with a plurality of hyperlinks via one action in the displayed internet page." possibly having this patent, Microsoft could close any SaaS supplier, but they have got chosen Salesforce, their main competitor on CRM market.
    Zoho Docs
    Zoho integrates Google docs into CRM, projects and e mail. nevertheless, Google should still think about purchasing Zoho. and not with the intention to put off the competitor or to make the most of Zoho functions, but to entice this Indian builders group that can create 10 updates, while Google's group is working on one. as an instance, today in Zoho built-in Google medical doctors into its online services. No that you could upload files from Google docs to Zoho docs, connect files from Google docs to the records in Zoho CRM and Zoho projects, view them in the Zoho editors and send Google files in Zoho Mail emails. Why Google has now not nevertheless applied the potential to attach their files to emails in GMail, and pages in Google sites - or not it's now not clear. Why Zoho integrates Zoho docs, even though its personal document editors are even improved - it's rather in your price range.

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