Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How to properly set Subforms in Zoho Creator Part 1

This is the most important step in the process of setting up your zoho creator database. A properly linked setup will enable your information to run smoothly and avoid waisting space ( MB )

First, you need to create at least 2 Forms. For example.- Orders and Items. An Order can have multiple items and 1 item can be part of many Orders. Creating a many to many relationship.

Second, you need to add the Subform Items inside the Form Orders and name it. Then you have to add a Lookup field in the Items Form and click on Existing Relations. 

Do NOT forget this part. This is the key. You must have a lookup field linking the original Form to each record on the subform you are creating. Makes Sense?

If it does not or need any help do not hesitate to contact us. We can guide you through the process to set your Subform for success.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Zoho launches full HR app: Zoho People

Zoho has added a new module to its suite of business apps: an entire web-based mostly human elements equipment referred to asZoho people. not being an HR expert I can not inform how smartly or poorly it compares with issues like Taleo, however a short run-through impressed me.
The app is, as all HR techniques must be, a relational database of applicants, jobs, and departments, with complicated rules on who can see what. in the Zoho case, there may be also a self-provider module so employees and executives can update certain information without going via HR. Zoho People additionally has some nice net 2.0 facets, such as the skill to create embeddable HTML code for a desk of the company's job openings, to place it on a company web page or weblog.

A great deal of Zoho People is kind-based.
Zoho People tackles the recruiting side of the HR equation with a full workflow system to address the processing of resumes and candidates throughout the many individuals who cope with hiring.
when you do get somebody hired, the app creates a guidelines for all the things individuals within the company have to do for the new adult (purchase a computer, find an workplace, and so on). Of course, other activities create checklists too, and you can adjust the add-ons.
The equipment offers with tracking salaries, as well, nonetheless it is not a payroll app. It additionally tracks prison compliance considerations (like Equal Employment probability information and employee requests related to the americans with Disabilities Act) but you are going to need to convey your own legal professional.

There's a full recruiting workflow within the app as smartly.image by Zoho
The device even tracks worker travel approvals and charges.
I be concerned about Zoho releasing so many apps so quick (see other Zoho insurance on Webware). or not it's one aspect to build a complete suite of company apps, however quite a different to construct most suitable-in-breed apps in each category. on the other hand, present small enterprise users of the Zoho suite will discover this app welcome, and this app could aid agencies in view that the use of an internet suite for productivity lean in desire of Zoho instead of a different suite, like Google's.
i like where Zoho goes with this. HR utility traditionally fees an arm and a leg, and Zoho is showing us that it needn't. Pricing on Zoho people is around $50 a month for HR admins. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Zoho integration for Python and Plone CMS

Zoho is an internet application company competing with Google Apps, Microsoft workplace and others.
Zoho provides a extremely extensive set of browser based functions from textual content modifying and spreadsheets to assignment management and consumer relationship management (highlighted items should still ring a bell for small application building agencies). principally the final one, CRM, is a extremely beautiful deal as you get a hosted complex CRM utility with API functions for extremely reasonably-priced or free fee. Small agencies don't seem to be always wealthy enough to head for Salesforce API supported edition which would be 135 € / month / consumer.
mfabrik has been working on Zoho Python bindings as we use Zoho internally.
Zoho API is HTTP GET/publish based mostly.

  • Authentication, which is referred to as a ticket in Zoho language, is HTTP publish with custom undeniable-textual content responses. The same authentication mechanism works in-browser (Javascript) and for laptop-to-computer verbal exchange as far as i do know
  • Most features can also be performed as HTTP put up or GET. in case you should input compex records (like CRM leads), you’ll do it as HTTP submit of customized XML payload
  • Some services expose the output as JSON for HTTP GET, in order that it will also be without delay consumed internal browser Javascript

  • mfabrik.zoho is a GPL’ed Python library which provides primary amenities for Zoho API calls. presently the characteristic set is awfully CRM weighted, even though it can be conveniently increased for different Zoho purposes.
    mfabrik.plonezohointegration is a Plone CMS add-on product which marry Plone and Zoho together. The add-on offers a manage panel the place that you would be able to enter Zoho API key details for Plone. forms for CRM lead era are supplied as standalone and as a portlet (you could see them in motion on our web and blog site).
    The supply is hosted on Github, so that you can with no trouble beginning tailoring it in your own firm needs. I happily settle for all merge requests, proposing that unit checks for new aspects are included. in case you don't think at ease with Python programming, but nevertheless wish to integrate Zoho to your systems, please contact us for extra help or check current API integrations.

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