Friday, July 19, 2013

How to add an image to an HTML View ( page ) in Zoho Creator

If you are already exploring Zoho Creator ability to develop Html Views  ( now known as pages )
you are stepping into a powerful section of your application that will yield great results overtime.

With this in mind you will also need to understand how to incorporate Logos, Images into your pages so the "visual" effect of the application has a more human touch and assist the user to understand what the task in hand is.

Below you will see a sample on how to add a Logo into an HTML View using "Notes" Field. Go to the Form you would like to incorporate the Logo. In this example our "Page" hosts 2 views. View No.1 is Summary Invoice and View No. 2 Product View. Open your Summary Invoice Form and drag the "Add Note" field into the form.

Click Edit on the Note field & look for the Image icon on the top menu bar to upload your image.

Copy & paste the Image URL. 

In order to have a URL you must have uploaded your image to the company server or to a free service such as Flicker or Google  Drive. Click ok and Listo!!!