Monday, September 2, 2013

How to custom Style your Forms, VIews in Zoho Creator with the least amount of code

Hello everyone. The objective of this video is to show you how to easily customize the style of a form or a view, in Zoho Creator. So the first thing that you can do is go to This is my blog, where I keep updating information about handling Zoho Creator and I have already added some links to apps that are worth having, including the Zoho Creator Styles. You can also find this Zoho Creator Style app in the marketplace of Zoho Creator and this application was developed by Shrine. And once you install the app, if you go to your account, you will see it display as Zoho Creator Styles. So for the objective of this example, I'm going to show you how this application that I built uses Zoho Creator Styles. In here you can see that my buttons, the fields, the height of the fields, the length or the width, are obviously built within Zoho Creator, but if I wanted to change the background core when the user hovers over the button, I would have to go to each form or view inside my application and update the specific HTML parameter that refers back to the color. I mean, obviously if you have multiple forms in your application, this is gonna be quite a task, for example in this case there is another form that uses the same back ground color. So if I wanted to do this manually, it would take me a while. However, thanks to Zoho Creator Styles, you can now easily incorporate or change the style of your forms. So all you need to do is access your Zoho Creator Styles application, go to your styles, and obviously l have a theme already added here that it's Astro for the application that I just show you. So I'm going to go to the background, button background color, which is orange right now. Right? I'm going to change this one and let's put it in red, let's see what happens. So, notice that all I did here is change a record in this application. And now, if I go back to the application that I just showed you, you will see that the buttons in my application have been updated to red. So you see instead of having to go into every single form, just by changing one record in Zoho Creator Styles, I have achieved the updating the color for every single page in my application. Now, you probably are wondering how did I accomplish this? Obviously all the instructions that you need to know are explained in the Zoho Creator Styles application. But the very key, it's right here and I'll highlight it for you. On an HTML page when you drag forms or view into the page, you only need to include this little piece of code right after the Zoho Creator header parameter. And it refers first back to the application, Zoho Creator Styles and then the name of the function and then whether it calls a form or a view and then the name of your theme. Once that's it copy pasted in your application, every change that you do back in your form would be automatically updated. So, there you have it. Don't forget to check Creator Scripts for more information. And go download your Zoho Creator Style application, you'll enjoy it. Thank you.