Deconstructing Zoho Creator - The 80 / 20  approach to learn deluge scripting and create amazing online databases.

Is it possible to...

Run your small or medium  business operations 100% online
Create a source of revenue developing applications for others
Become proficient in database programming to be a knowledgeable manager within your organization.

Indeed, this is not a traditional developer blog or software website with hard to understand scripts.

Deconstructing Zoho Creator  is an uncommon approach to learn online database programming  by focusing on 20% of the commands that produce 80% of the performance.

In any given application there are more than 48 tasks with 3 possible actions; and 2 or 3 possible sub actions each that could be utilized at some point. That is more than +432 possible combinations of code you would need to understand and learn its sequence in order to become an expert in the subject, but the objective is not to become an expert. By definition, an expert is someone that knows all the answers to a subject... the goal is to learn the MCP ( Minimum Code Possible ) that can yield the most results faster. Therefore, you only need to learn 20 or less tasks with 2 main actions and 2 key sub actions for a total of +80 possible combinations of code. An outstanding 81%  reduction.

You will learn....

How to de construct a project to understand its viability and value to your business.
How to think about the sequence to automate a business or personal process.
How to navigate through out Zoho Creator menus and make the most out of their support center.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. There are more than 50 blogs, videos & photos with specific scripts covered, all with real database solutions along with the script behind for you to utilize. ( copy & paste )
You do not need a high cost college education to learn how to build online database applications nor you need to pay thousands of dollars to 3rd party developers to do the task. What you need is immediate results that compel you to continue. That is exactly what Deconstructing Zoho Creator delivers. If you do not find the script you are looking for we will write it for you.