Saturday, May 14, 2016

Zoho Reports New Enhancements in Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Pivots and Summary Views offers enhanced features like adding/formatting text and icons to highlight your condition in addition to the earlier formatting capabilities. Click to know more.

Wrapping Column Headers in Pivots and Summary Views
Zoho Reports now allows you wrap lengthy column headers in Pivots and Summary Views. You can use this feature by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar and selecting Wrap Text in Column Headers.

Zoho Expense integrates with QuickBooks Online

Zoho Expense is all about making expense reporting effortless, but once expenses get approved, the labor of processing them falls on the finance team. For a manager, it is probably 20 odd reports a month. But a finance team has to handle an average of 100 expense reports a month for reimbursements and accounting for the same.

We’re making accounting as easy as possible by integrating Zoho Expense with every major accounting tool. Last year, we launched Zoho Expense pre-integrated with our accounting app, Zoho Books. We’re kick starting another year of integrations by connecting to one of the top accounting tools in the industry, QuickBooks Online.
Here’s how the integration will benefit you:
 1. Automatic accounting of expenses
Once expenses get approved in Zoho Expense, they are moved to your QuickBooks account., accounting entries are automatically made with expense categories properly matched to their respective chart of account types. QuickBooks Online enters expenses as bills and the employee who submits them is saved as the vendor. 
  2. Create expense reports for QuickBooks Online customers
By importing your customers from QuickBooks into Zoho Expense, you can create expense reports for them to see how much you are spending to bring in or maintain each customer. Newly added customers in QuickBooks Online are automatically updated in Zoho Expense.
  3. One click to import expenses
You can move expenses from Zoho Expense to QuickBooks Online in just a click of a button. As soon as an expense report is approved, it gets pushed to QuickBooks Online where all the expenses and cash advances are captured.
  4. Customize the integration
Choose what you want to see in QuickBooks Online and how you want to move data. With the two-way integration, you can move data from QuickBooks Online to Zoho Expense and vice versa. Once a day, all your customers, and expense account types get copied to Zoho Expense and employees get imported as users.
We would love to hear your feedback on how we can make the integration even more useful for your business. You can learn more about the integration here or learn how to set it up by attending our live webinar.