Friday, May 9, 2014

How to add Rapleaf data into Zoho Creator

You probably have a large database of emails and contact names, but do you have information about demographics, Annual Income, Preferences, etc?

Rapleaf is a leading US company that provides data tied to an email address with 90% accuracy. If you want to market information with a laser focus approach it is valuable to segment your dripping campaigns based on some customer preferences or median annual income.

Zoho Creator is a leading online database application that enables you to build, custom and deploy amazing databases in record time at the most affordable price point you can imagine.

Combining the two is as easy as creating a function in Zoho Creator using the script below and then integrate the custom function into the reports / views that have the records you would like to push information through.

string API.Rapleaf(string first, string last, string email, string zip)
    data = map();
    data.put("api_key", "your_api_key_number");
    data.put("email", encodeUrl(;
    data.put("first", input.first);
    data.put("last", input.last);
    rapleaf = getUrl("", data,false);
    response = rapleaf.get("responseText");
        To       :  zoho.adminuserid, ""
        From     :  zoho.adminuserid
        Subject  :  "Send data for " + input.first + " " + input.last
        Message  :  response
    return response;

The script above will send you an email with the corresponding email information, but If you are interested in updating your Zoho Creator database with the information you are Getting from Rapleaf send me a message and we can discuss further.